I suppose there is a time for everything, and time when all the pieces seem to fall into place.

So, after thirty years of developing curriculum for MBA programs at top universities, and more than fifteen of working closely with interior design professionals, I'm excited to announce the first ever "Interior Design MBA" certificate course!

This course will have all the rigor of a university program, but with a twist—You will learn everything you need to know, but none of the rest. As an example, you'll have to have a basic understanding of how to read financial statements, but you don't need to learn accounting, so this program won't waste your time.

What you will learn, is everything you need to know about:

  • Strategy
  • Cash flow
  • Profits
  • Pricing
  • Finance
  • Planning
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operations
  • Time Management
  • Software and Technology
  • Management

Imagine, a 1-year Certificate course taken from the top business schools in the nation, and then tailored expressly for interior designers, expressly for YOU!

Imagine receiving 24 Units over the course of a year, complete with video tutorials, workbooks, quizzes, and discussion to ensure that you have truly mastered every concept! Imagine never being intimidated by a bookkeeper, IT specialist, advisor, or employee again!

And when you've completed the program, you'll not only receive your Certificate (suitable for framing) but you'll receive permission to use the Interior Design logo and logotype (ID/MBA) on your website, business card and other promotional materials.

Yours is among the most complex industries there is to run. And not only will the Interior Design MBA give you the skills you need, but your clients will find comfort in knowing their designer is not just creative, but has the business savvy to deliver their project on time and on budget.

The Interior Design MBA Certificate program will launch in January, 2018. Check back here for registration information soon.